Bringing the fine dining revolution
straight to your home.

How It Works

How It Works

We give you an easy way to arrange a stress-free dinner in with friends.

We provide you with a network of chefs you can contact directly online or through the phone.

Impress your loved ones by transforming your home into a restaurant!

What is WaToFo

WaToFo is fun, friends and relaxation.

WaToFo will give you the opportunity to impress your friends and family with a great meal without the stress of having to prepare it yourself. Why to go to three different websites for three different services? Below are the services we plan to offer to you in the near future, all together on one single platform.

Home Chef

Too many friends to cook for and not enough time to cook a great meal? Instead, impress them by bringing the restaurant to your home with the help of one of our in-home chefs.

Event Chef

Are you in the mood for meeting new people? Join an event hosted by one of our trusted event chefs! There you will meet foodies who share your same love for food.

Delivery Chef

Too tired to cook after a long day at work? We have you covered! Just order some food and have it quickly delivered to you by one of our delivery chefs.

The Revolution Has Just Begun